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Rainbow Shaman Pathways for Healing

"Walking the Four Directions"

What is it about? What does it entail?, How will it serve me? etc. These are good questions to ask yourself if you feel the call.

Call for information about "Walking The Four Directions". Call if you have a curiosity or it speaks or pulls your heart strings. Call if you would care to learn about the "Walk of the Four Directions".

You may reach me at 719-214-1014. Also, you may email me from the "Message Me" link on this website or at [email protected] 

Upcoming Ceremonies, Events, and Workshops, etc.

As you have read or are reading through my website, if anything speaks to you, give me a call and I will be glad to speak to you about it.

I will be glad to offer fire ceremonies, events, workshops, and the "Walk of the Four Directions" as interest is shared. 

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