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Rainbow Shaman Pathways for Healing

Healing Pathways - There are many healing pathways available to communities and individuals. Each pathway leads to healing of the community and self.

Community Gatherings - Gathering as a community is very powerful when the goal of the collective group is to pay homage and offer gratitude to Great Spirit, God, and Creator. This is a time also to request help, guidance, assistance, and healing. In doing so, amazing healing takes place for the community, as well as each individual.

Coming together for a fire ceremony, or to build a despacho or apacheta, or to meet and journey to one of the three worlds are all healing pathways for the community.

A community or small gathering of individuals for a fire ceremony is usually held during the time of the full moon or the new moon. These are the times that the energies are at their highest or are the most potent.

Individuals may gather together to build or create a despacho, which is a gift that is created utilizing many items. Each item placed into the despacho is representative of its own meaning and intention. Despachos are created for a variety of reasons or purposes. They are then offered to Great Spirit, Earth Mother Pachamama, and all the helpers of True Christ Consciousness. (See the photos of two despachos.)

Apachetas are created in similar fashion utilizing stones, with a flat one placed at the top. Therefore, it is a stone mound that is used to hook up to a place of power that is infused with refined energy. Offerings are placed onto the flat surface in gratitude for the energy exchange.

Planned times may be set aside for community members to meet and journey to one of the worlds with a particular intention in mind. Journeying can also be done collectively with the same theme and yet each individual may be working on their own intention.

In essence, each community gathering, whether it be to participate in a fire ceremony, create a despacho, build or feed an apacheta, or to journey to one of the three worlds, works on collective healing, as well as individual healing. All members share healing energy.

Individual Healing - Each person has an individualized, unique healing journey path. There are many ways to arrive at the path of healing. Also, there are many ways to heal an individual. In order for the healing to take place, the person or individual must be willing and ready to let go of whatever the issue or issues are. Then healing can take place. The services offered and utilized for healing are numerous. Clearing and balancing the luminous energy field, clearing, balancing, and aligning the chakras, illumination, soul retrieval, adrenal reset, heavy energy removal, and shielding are just some of the services that I am available for and offer. All of the prior healing practices used for community may be utilized for an individual healing as well. See "Community Gatherings".

Call me to learn more about this type of healing. Call me to set up an appointment for healing. Possibly you are interested in joining the community for a Fire Ceremony, call me. Maybe a workshop is in order for you, call me. If when you were reading about this type of healing and it felt right and yet you have no idea what it is that could serve you, call me. We can talk and I will assist you in the direction for you.

Contact me at 1-719-214-1014.

We can visit about your needs and/or interests. My email address is [email protected]. Another possibility is to visit with me via this website. Go up to the "Message Me" tab and you may fill in the form and send it to me in this manner.

Upcoming Ceremonies and Workshops

Exercise to Enhance Journeying or Meditation and Quality of Life Workshop along with a Session on Cord Cutting

Tuesday, Apr 13 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Meditation, Open Forum, and Journey Session

Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Exercise to Enhance Journeying or Meditation and Quality of Life Workshop along with a Session on Cord Cutting

Tuesday, Jun 8 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Meditation, Open Forum, and Journey Session

Tuesday, Jul 13 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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