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Rainbow Shaman Pathways for Healing

Come Explore the Many Ancient Pathways to Healing                      

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Hurley. As a 4th level initiated Kuraq Akulleq (wisdomkeeper) Paco of the Peruvian Inca tradition of the Andes, I have been doing energy healing work with others for many years. During this time, I have had many opportunities to journey to Peru and Bolivia. In doing so, I have had the privilege of working with and receiving blessings and gifts of enlightenment from these shaman and pacos, as well as, sharing spiritual experiences at many of the Sacred Sites throughout my travels.​

Shamanic Healing is an ancient healing art. As a healing facilitator and teacher of the ancient ways of healing through energy work, I offer services that clean, heal, and bring the luminous energy field, aura, and also known as the poqpo, back into balance and wellness.

A passion of mine since childhood has been that of being a hollow bone for teaching and a facilitator for healing. My love for teaching began as a child playing school. Who knew that one day this would be my earth walk profession that lasted for 21 years. As a child, I recall building alters and spent much time working with Great Spirit and the Helpers of True Christ Consciousness. Great Spirit and the helpers of the Etheric Realm have been my teaching facilitators as my journey paths have changed and evolved. My earth walk now is that of a Paco, healer, and teacher.

Professional teaching began in 1989 as an elementary teacher. Elementary students and I journeyed down a path of teaching and learning academics for 21 years. The majority of my teaching career was as a teaching facilitator for first graders. I taught them academics and they taught me about life. Children are great teachers.They helped me learn valuable lessons on my journey walk. These experiences that came from teaching and learning have been a part of preparing me for the many opportunities as I walk this journey path, and this way of being. This walk has also prepared me for the opportunities to work with and offer healing experiences to others.

After many life experiences and 21 years in the field of teaching, Great Spirit opened the door and guided me down a different path while I continued to teach the young ones.This path that I speak of was the walk down the path of stepping into the shoes of being a Paco. I have been blessed by Great Spirit in so many ways. These blessings (gifts) coupled with my life experiences have prepared me for this walk. Come join me, Donna Hurley, and experience the many ancient pathways of healing. Allow me to share my profound experiences and gifts with you. I am available for healing sessions. I offer events, workshops, Fire Ceremonies, Marriage Ceremonies, dying and death assistance, and Funeral services. I am also available for clearings of (land, homes, etc.).

Call me for an appointment. Check the Calendar for events and workshops as listed and available. If you are interested in a workshop and there are no dates listed or chosen, call and I will set up a workshop date with you. Call me if you have an interest in learning this way of walking on Earthmother Pachamama. Or, possibly, expanding your horizon on your earthwork and your earth walk. Click specific dates on the calendar to read a more in-depth description, as listed. Make an appointment or R.S.V.P. any time that you plan on attending. Call 719-214-1014 or email me at [email protected]